12’’ Vintage Chess Board (Travel Size)

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Checkers/Backgammon pieces are NOT available with this board.

A traditional Vintage backgammon game and chess set. It is made by skilled Syrian artisans of oak and lemon wood. Made almost 20-30 years ago.

Due to its old age, there might be some imperfections and small chips or missing pieces, but it’s still a beautiful piece that will last for ages

Closed: 12 x 6 x 2 inch - When open: 12 x 12 x 1 inch

Option 1: Without Chess Pieces: includes Backgammon Board ONLY
Option 2: With Chess Pieces: includes Backgammon Board and 32 Small Wooden Chess Pieces (King height 3", Diameter 1.6")

This backgammon set works as a game and as well as a decorative item. An excellent gift or a collectible for him or her!

All our products are handmade by traditional Syrian. Each item is a piece of art, stylish and modern but timelessly infused with the historical spirit of the Middle East

As of any truly handmade product, there are few flaws and imperfections.


Oak, walnut, olive, lemon, beech, and pine wood.

Use dry clean only.

These works of art are of the highest quality with each color representing a different kind of wood. Beautifully grained walnut wood is traditionally the base material for this item and is offset by other woods including peach wood, apricot wood, rose wood, lemon wood, and olive wood each with subtly contrasting colors and grains. The highlight of this and many items is genuine mother of pearl that dazzles and changes color in the light.


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