Embroidered Table Cover with 8 napkins, with gold and cream silk threads

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Table cover Ivory with gold and cream silk threads for a great dinner party comes with 8 napkins.
Made of high-quality Syrian Linen and Cotton, embroidered with with gold and cream colour Silk threads.

Dimensions: 78.8 x 59 inches (2 x1.5 meter) , with 8 napkins .

For cleaning, use the delicate cycle on your washer on cold temperature, no dryer.

Some History:

The Damascene craftsmen from the time of the Phoenicians till our days, have created the most beautiful embroideries, as the white and wool cloth embroidered with gold and silver threads was very famous in the city of Damascus more than 500 years ago. This kind of craft is called al-Aghabani.

The name Aghabani is said to come from the original saffron coloured embroidery as well as the type of stitch used.

In the past both the material and embroidery thread were made of silk, however to accommodate practicality and affordability, the silk material & thread was replaced with 100% cotton and man-made silk thread for the material and embroidery.